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Pay by Phone Parking

Telepark is a system that allows you to pay for parking in real time using a mobile phone. Register for Telepark Services at Please note, Telepark charges a $0.35 transaction fee in addition to parking rates.

Quick Registration - One Phone, One Vehicle

To get started, you need only register once by providing your Mobile Phone Number, License Plate, Credit Card, email address and set a Maximum Charge (Payout) per Transaction in case you forget to Terminate your parking.

Quick Registration gives you the ability to pay for parking by phone for the one registered license plate only.

You will receive an email with a Parkcard number. Keep this number in case you wish to Create an Online Profile for additional options.

More Phones, More Vehicles

Create an Online Profile to access extra features with your mobile phone.

  • Start and Stop parking using your smart phone and Telepark's web site.
  • Add family members by listing additional cell phones
  • Add additional license plates and vehicles
  • Change your credit card information
  • View your parking history
  • View your billing statements

Register for free at Registration Screen Cell Phones